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Dr. Gerald George’s Biomechanics of Women’s Gymnastics was groundbreaking when published in 1980, and continues to engage serious coaches and students today. Now, with the coming of Championship Gymnastics, Dr. George has “stepped it up big-time.” With his rich background in biomechanics imbedded in his passion for gymnastics, he has created the most complete and well-thought-out program I have ever seen. Read it carefully and thoroughly, and you will have a wonderful understanding of what is correct and good in gymnastics and why!

Paul Ziert, Publisher, International Gymnast
USGF Coach of the Year 1977 and 1978
Personal coach of two-time Olympic Champion, Bart Conner
Personal manager of gymnastics legend, Nadia Comaneci

Championship Gymnastics provides a uniquely organized conceptual approach to the biomechanics of movement and training techniques for gymnastics. Whether you are a beginning or elite-level coach, gymnast, or judge, Championship Gymnastics is a must-read that will provide the foundation for a better understanding of every aspect of gymnastics. I have always considered Dr. George’s Biomechanics of Women’s Gymnastics the “Bible” of gymnastics. Championship Gymnastics is the “New Testament.”

Greg Marsden, Women’s Gymnastics Coach, University of Utah
Seven-time NCAA Gymnastics Coach of the Year
Winner of Ten National Collegiate Team Championships

To expand your knowledge and enhance your understanding of the biomechanical complexities of gymnastics skill, read Championship Gymnastics. Dr. George’s signature work, Biomechanics of Women’s Gymnastics, is one of the best books ever written in gymnastics and, with his new book, Championship Gymnastics, he takes the study of movement and gymnastic techniques to an even higher level. We will be using this book in the training of our coaching staff, as well as in our Visiting Coaches’ Educational Program.

Bruno Klaus, Owner, International Gymnastics Camp, Inc.
Professor Emeritus, East Stroudsburg State University
Former National Gymnastics Champion
USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame (Competitor, Coach, and Contributor)

Championship Gymnastics brings to life the fundamental concepts of motion for gymnastics, the basis of performance for acrosport including diving and trampoline. The text provides a conceptual map of the Path of Excellence where sports science meets the art and essence of coaching. Dr. Gerald George is the Leonardo Da Vinci of performance acrosport. His consummate understanding of the application of biomechanics to the possibilities for human motion gives form to perfect flight!
Janet Gabriel, Senior Editor/Project Director
U.S. Diving Safety Training Manual

Former Director of Education, Safety and Development, U.S. Diving, Inc.

Championship Gymnastics is a must-read for every gymnastics professional, both experienced and novice. The excellent "learn and relate to" writing style allows for a very positive and enriched learning experience. The book’s thoroughness will allow any coach to become a more complete and effective problem-solver. Championship Gymnastics is evidence of Dr. George’s comprehensive understanding of our sport’s need for continued growth through learning, and will again prove to be another successful and excellent "go to" reference book. Dr. George has raised the gold standard for learning gymnastics, to be sure.

R. Scott Crouse, National Gymnastics Consultant    
Former U.S. National Team Coach
Coach of over 25 U.S. National Team Members that participated in the
Olympic Games, World Championships and Pan American Games

Championship Gymnastics is for the "Everyman" coach. It covers the fundamental components to success in gymnastics—foundations of skill development, effective training protocols, proper body-shaping techniques, and ideal model concepts for developing winners. Dr George has managed to style his language from complex, technical terms to motivating, inspirational rhetoric so that coaches and gymnasts at all levels can readily understand and implement these innovative concepts into their programs. Championship Gymnastics is a must-read for every coach at every level.
Mary Wright, Owner/Head Coach of Olympus Gymnastics
USA Gymnastics Elite Coach of the Year
USA Gymnastics Elite Choreographer of the Year
Coach of numerous Olympic and World Championship Medalists

Dr. Gerald S. George has again given the sport of gymnastics another outstanding contribution with his new publication, Championship Gymnastics, soon to be the bookend to his first publication, Biomechanics of Women’s Gymnastics, a book that remains the foundation for all gymnastic coaches. The USAIGC will use Championship Gymnastics as a must-read for our membership. This was long overdue. Congratulations, the key to success is education!

Paul Spadaro, President
United States Association of Independent Gymnastics Clubs

New York, NY

With Championship Gymnastics, Dr. Gerald George has managed to simultaneously capture the simplicity and complexity of gymnastics and make it easily understandable to the reader.  This superb text is an essential guide for all students of gymnastics:  performers, coaches and judges alike.
Kristi Krafft, Owner/Head Coach of Krafft Academy of Gymnastics
Former USA World Championship Coach
Elite Coaches Association Female Coach of the Year
International Brevet Judge

Gymnastics instructors and coaches need a thorough understanding of biomechanics to prevent injury and encourage athletes to safely achieve their personal best. Championship Gymnastics is an excellent text that gymnastics professionals can utilize as a resource and reference to learn, build upon and sharpen their knowledge of human movement and biomechanics.
Kathy Feldmann, Vice President of Member Services
USA Gymnastics, Inc.
National Brevet Judge

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