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seminarsUpcoming seminars by Dr. George:

Gymnastics Association of Texas (GAT) Convention
Five (5) Lecture Presentations
Austin, TX

August 31 - September 2, 2012

Seminar topics by Dr. George:

  • "Ten Key Factors For Success in Gymnastics"
  • "Five Basic Principles for Refining Gymnastics Movement"
  • "The Mechanics of Swing"
  • "The Mechanics of Impact"
  • "The Mechanics of Rotation and Twisting"
  • "Biomechanical Techniques for Shaping Winners"
  • "Training Techniques for Developing Champions"
  • "Ten Critical Factors for Vaulting Success"
  • "Ten Critical Factors for Uneven Bars Success"
  • "Ten Critical Factors for Balance Beam Success"
  • "Ten Critical Factors for Floor Exercise Success"
  • "Analysis of Selected Skills" - To be determined by Clinic Director

To make arrangements for a seminar by Dr. Gerald George, call: 337-288-9336.

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